Who I am

Candace Sazynski Regina Executive Coach

My Style of Coaching

Executive Coaching is an opportunity to guide another human being through powerful, soulful and courageous conversations to achieve their impossible futures. The coach will walk the journey with the individual as they embrace their greatness.

My signature presence is one of complete generosity, kindness and wholehearted. I am wildly passionate for other to uncover their own personal greatness through thoughtful, focused, courageous dialogue while I graciously hold a sacred space for them to do so. Walking along the journey with the coachee to face their deepest fears and inviting them to uncover what illuminates their soul.

Official Creds:

I love to learn! Let me tell you!! I’ve taken many courses on conflict resolution, mediation, communication and lot of good stuff in between.

But here’s my official credentials…because sometimes it’s important to know this about who you are hiring. I graduated from Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SIAST previously) with a diploma in Human Resources; years later I became as Certified Human Resources Professional through SAHRP/CCHRA.

Most recently, I completed by Executive Coaching Certificate (Yep…I’m a CEC – Certified Executive Coach) through Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia.


I'm really looking forward to getting to know you. 





  • I will act in a way that supports my personal vision and purpose statements;

  • I will uphold the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics;

  • I will hold conversations in the strictest confidence as defined by the ICF Code of Ethics;

  • I will coach in environments were human life is respected. If I find myself in a contrary situation, I will advise the client of such and will discontinue the partnership; and

  • I will continue to develop professionally as well as personally to ensure I bring my best self to all I do.

To be a leading coach using my ability to create connection with an individual to intentionally design a life they are in love with.
— Personal Vision Statement
My purpose is to create a sacred space to invite individuals to explore their greatness and recognize how their gifts contribute to their being.
— Purpose