Much Love


“What was needed to me to move forward....”

My experience coaching with Candace has been life-changing. I was holding on to issues that I didn’t even know I was holding on to and Candace asked the right questions to get me to open up and realize why I created the path that I did. I can’t tell you the feeling that you have once you uncover what has been holding you back; it is incredible. I went to her to assist with my career and we also worked on my personal and I feel that is what was needed for me to move forward with my career as well, it is all a piece of the same puzzle. Working with Candace will be one of the best decisions you can make.

— M.K. People Manager - Legal

“Candace's approach was consistent and encouraging...”

Working with Candace helped me realize the potential that was already within me. I left each meeting with the strategies and confidence I needed to achieve my goals. Candace's approach was consistent and encouraging, and each time helped me focus on what I could do for myself.

— W.J. Project Manager

"My experience with Candace has been life-changing... Working with Candace is one of the best decisions you can make..."— M.K.


“A positive and enriching experience.”

Coaching with Candace was a very positive and enriching experience. Our time together provided me with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and broader perspective on my career, which has served me in good stead. I always look forward to our conversations and the insight that Candace helps to facilitate 

— J.S. Associate Director - Education


“Candace has made me a better leader...”

Coaching with Candace has made me a better leader. Her thoughtful questions helped me uncover the best me and move forward in life more confidently. 

— K.T. Entrepreneur - Not-For-Profit


“[Got] me to action and gently hold me accountable...”

Coaching without inducing behavioural change isn't much use. I really appreciate the unique talent Candace has to get me to action and gently hold me accountable. 

— B.T. CEO


“I had it within all along”

I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought of coaching like a walk in the park where I may stop and smell some flowers along the way. Instead, I climbed a mountain and found precious gems along the way and really found something beautiful. The best part, I had it within all along.

— K.T. Entrepreneur - Not-For-Profit